Tuesday, 1 July 2014


A couple of weeks ago I came home from work to see a maintenance man lopping the branches from the blossom tree at the front door.

When I spied that the branches were covered in buds I weighed up how strange he would think I was if I asked him for the branches scattered on the pavement.

I thought seriously about adding, "I'm a florist", like that would somehow explain my motivations entirely.

My shyness took over, and as I scurried into the garage (and whilst his back was turned), I bent down and grabbed the closest branch and took it inside with me.

Safely indoors, with my trusty secateurs in hand, I cherry picked the best branches to put in a vase to wait for blossom to appear.

After about a week I gave up hope. I figured the cold had got to the buds before I managed to bring them indoors.

Another week went by, and still no blossom. But to my surprise, little green shoots were beginning to unfurl.

The artificial Spring conditions of the indoors lulled my stark branches into a false sense of security.

Lo and behold! The blossom soon followed.

There is something very dramatic about austere, bare branches suddenly becoming smothered in delicate blossom flowers. Never underestimate 'scraps'. They can be a lovely sight to behold too.

I'm loving my new surroundings. I grew up in the beauty of the Australian Alpine region, and this move back to the South suits me down to the ground. I look forward to embracing the changes in the seasons, Mother Nature does it so well in this part of the world. We're waving goodbye to beautiful golden Autumn leaves this month and welcoming the snow falls.

And we couldn't be happier. 

K xx